Add nuxt-font-loader to the buildModules section of nuxt.config.js ... nuxt.config.js { fontLoader: { url: { local: '/fonts/font-face.css' }, preload: { local: { hid:.... Jul 23, 2017 body { font-family: Helvetica Neue,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; ... But crucially, preload is not render-blocking, so the browser will go ahead and.... Jan 26, 2018 In this post, I'll show you the basics of working with Nuxt.js, as well as ... .clothrack { font-family: 'Indie Flower', cursive; padding: 50px;.... nuxt-webfontloader - Efficient web font loading has never been easier! ... to load fonts and activate them by preloading. hex-digital/nuxt-intercom - Nuxt module.... Sep 11, 2020 Other options are style , script , font and more. ... Mouseover duration before preload is triggered preloadCacheTimeLimit: 30000 // How long to cache preloaded pages }); ... Let's look at an example with the Nuxt.js framework.. How To Use Preload and Prefetch in HTML to Load Assets . Nuxt preload fonts Nuxt preload fonts Nuxt preload fonts. A technical blog about Nuxt.js, Vue.js,.... Feb 9, 2021 By setting the rel attribute to stylesheetthe browser is told to use the resource. nuxt preload fonts. Prefetching works similarly to preloading, with.... Documentation nuxt-font-loader-strategy Helps to load the fonts and activate them by preloading. Features: Use preload to prevent font flashs. Generates the.... Jul 8, 2020 This is the code for the head, but I can't seem to load the font or use it: ... to work when I create a fonts.css file and include it in the nuxt.config.js.... Just 25 days after 1.4.0 release, Nuxt 2 is almost ready. Over 330 If you don't hear about vue-loader, it is the thing that parses.vue files into runnable JS/CSS and.... Oct 30, 2020 Nuxt Speedkit takes over the Lighthouse performance optimization of ... automatic preloading critical font resources; dynamic viewport based... 219d99c93a










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